Mike Rosenzweig, Ph. D. has traveled extensively in Central Europe in search of his family history. His travels have taken him throughout Poland from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Tatras Mountains in the south. Since his ancestors have come from the province of Kielce, most of his research has centered in that district. Many of his predecessors lived in tiny shtetls containing two or three dozen families. His father was born in the town of Promnik which currently has less than one hundred residents and one listed phone number. His father's parents came from the even smaller towns of Snochowice and Piotrowiec. Mike's mother was born in the town of Busko-Zdroj and his mother's parents came from Chmielnik. In his extensive research of the Kielce, Pinczow, Chmielnik, Lopushno and many other Archives, Dr. Rosenzweig has found records of more than 250 relatives spanning five generations. The oldest records go back to the middle of the 18th century.

When asked what advice he would give to new genealogy researchers, Dr. Rosenzweig replied:

The most important thing is discipline. You have to stick to it no matter how frustrating things get. You can spend days searching through archives and not find a single record. The very next day might be the one in which you will find a dozen relatives. If your research take you to Poland the following recommendations would facilitate success in your work.  

Dr. Rosenzweig would be happy to answer any specific questions pertaining to the area of genealogy and is available as a consultant.

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