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The purpose of this page is to provide a forum to help genealogical researchers find information about their ancestors. It is a cooperative venture and open to all persons seeking data about their roots. When submitting names please include as much biographical data as possible. Please give some brief identifying facts about yourself and be sure to add your email address. (Try to use the format shown below)

Missing relatives of Mike Rosenzweig, Ph. D.:

If you have information about these people email Dr. Young at
Missing relatives of André Nudel Albagli
  If you have any information about these people, email to Andre Nudel at nudel@domain.com.br

Missing relatives of Norman Berman

If you have information about these people email Norman Berman at
Missing relatives of Bill Schreck
If you have information about these people email Bill Schreck at
Missing relatives of Shlomie Richman

Any information on family REICHMAN / RAJCHMAN originally from a town
called UJAZD and subsequently part of the LODZ GHETTO (Mulnowska 47). It is
known that most of the famil;y were deported to Chelmno but there may have
been survivors.
My father Mosjek (Moshe) escaped the ghetto and believes that maybe one
of his brothers or sisters also managed to escape.

If you have information about these people email Shlomie Richman at

Missing relatives of Joseph Kay (formerly Kochn)

I am seeking any information on the relatives of Abraham Kochn who left
Bialystok for Australia in 1929. He was one of 8 children. A generation
earlier the family may have been known as Ragrodski.

Missing relatives of David Cainer.:

It is possible that the name was spelled CHOYNER or CAJNER
     If you have any information about these people, please email me at Dcainer@aol.com
I am looking for information about  Jacob Morton Huber from Pruzina, Poland
and his ancestors.  His date of death is approximately 1912.  His wife Rose,
daughter Chava (Evelyn), and son Morris left for the United States(Brooklyn,
NY).  Rose's family name was Volenski.  Morris was born in 1893 and Chava in
1905.  my e-mail is:  Ruths57453@aol.com.

I am seeking any information of the family of Alexandria Starzynski.  I am
the granddaughter of her son Frank Nordie, who came to the United States as a
young boy in 1907.  They lived in Chicago suburb of Schiller Park, Illinois.
 Alexandria was a midwife.  Frank married Marie Guzor and had 6 children. It
is unknown if he had any brothers or sisters, or even why they had different
last names.  Any information on either family would be greatly appreciated.
 Please e-mail me at NCHOMA@aol.com

I am missing many family relatives from Konski, Piotrkow, Lodz and
Warsaw.  They are: Lazer Grubsztajn, Devorah Grubsztajn, Zelig
Grubsztajn, Etzeleh Grubsztajn.  Their parents were Jacob and Rachel

I can be reached at gmichael@total.net
I am seaching for my grandfather's relatives. His last name was Hochman,
but might be spelled Chochman, Hochmann or Chochmann elsewhere. He was
born in Poland in 1904 or 1905 and emigrated to Brazil when he was about
21 years old. Two of his brothers also emigrated to Brazil. I know that
some of his sisters and at least 1 brother stayed in Poland and went to
Warsaw Gheto, along with their mother. He also had cousins. Please send
me information about any kind of relationship with his family.

I can be reached at sf73@petrobras.gov.br.
I am searching for my brother Charles Paul, born on 12 May, 1952
in Mansfield, Ohio.  Last known area San Francisco or San Deigo area.
I can be reached at  Bottle9@aol.com
I am looking for children of Richard Nathan Stone, son of George & Anna Stone
of  Cincinnati, Ohio.  Reply to Hondureno@aol.com.

Missing relatives of  Clara Perlmutter Feingold:

I am looking for missing relatives from Poland -either Skalat or Tarnopol -

                  Yetta Reiser Perlmutter of Boston, Mass
                  Annie Reiser Friedman of New York City
                  Louis Reiser of New York City
                  Nettie Reiser Schwartz of New York City
                  Sadie Reiser Schwartz of New York City Any information that you could give me  would be greatly appreciated.

Clara Perlmutter Feingold. I can be reached at JACLARA@aol.com

I am looking for any information on Slawko Hanuszcak, born 18 Mar 1912
or 1914. Landed in Canada 15 August 1923. Son of Warwara Hanuszcak.
Any information at all would be appreciated. I am also looking to
locate th village/town of Zborow, Presowce Co. Poland.
 Please respond to Dave at cme4mny@centric.net Thank you.

I am seeking assistance in tracing my family roots and any possible family members.  I have limited information available to me.  The information I do have is as follows:

If anyone has any information that may help me locate any possible relatives, I would appreciate your e-mailing me at the following address: IreneTomory@inplex.com
I am searching for missing relatives of Frank Hispanski ( my father now deceased) name changed in USA to Harris.  Also Josie Harris (Hispanski) my grandmother.  Believed to have traveled from Russia to Poland (or Ukraine).  Remember hearing stories during the WWII of relatives in Poland who had shoe factories and stores burned down, were fearing for their lives, then never heard from again.  I would greatly appreciate any information or help.  esther.n@MCI2000.com

 I am looking for relatives from: STRYJJ, DOLINA, and BOLECHOW:

Missing relatives of Leon Najman

On a recent trip to Paris,France I saw my 90+year old aunt leiba nee
LAKS,whose husband passed away in a concentration camp during the
war.her son Maurice and I were trying to figure her exact age it was
impossible.She is somewhat incoherent and it was common,in those days
in Poland not to issue birth certificates for girls.We know that she
was 2 years younger than her husband so I hope I am glad I found you.I
also know that the name may be long in western terms but it was very
common in Poland.Both were born around the turn of the century.they
moved to Paris in the late teens or early twenties,had 3 boys Isodore
deseased,Maurice living in Nanterre,near Paris and Marcel who lives in
the Canary islands.Any help you could give me would be greatly
appreciated.Thank you.Leon Najman.
P.S.His mother and my mother were sisters.

I am searching for my grandmother's relatives:  her name: Victoria Serwon born November 16, 1895 in Koto, district Tarnobrzeg Poland her mother was:  Maria Serwon who married: Simon Serwon (same last name no relation) siblings were: Kataizyna, Jan, Anna, Maryia, Petronela & Stefania dates of birth unknown
grandmother's grandparents names were on mother's side Domonic Serwon and
Kataiznya ? last name unknown also searching for information on grandfather Franciszek Maciejowski or y  date and place of birht unknown may have bee born in Warsaw his parents were Jan Maciejowski or y and his mother Victoria Tlucrek
also would like information on my mom's family: Casper Wrobel or Wrobelsky who married Mary Lysiak dates of birth and place unknown
Rose Maliszewski place of birth Krakow date of birth unknown
any information is appreciated please e-mail me at Lwica@aol.com

I am looking for relatives of the TALANDA family from Szczebrzeszyn, Poland, near Zamosc.   Talanda@aol.com

Wereszynski family has been traced back to Bledzewo, Poland, where they left for the US in 1913.  Am now trying to trace backwards.  Any help is
appreciated.  Steve Wereszynski  <Stevesleep@aol.com>

Dear Sir, Looking for families Zima, related to Roch Zima born around1860 and Marianna Deregielambo, born about the same time in the Krosno area of southern Poland, at that time known as Galicia in Austria Hungary., Thank You Sincerely, Paul P. Valtos   From: CHERCAPA <CHERCAPA@aol.com>

Looking for relatives of my father's (Shmuel or Samuel
Rosenzweig) family originally from Opatow (Apt) Poland.

My grandfather was Yosef Rosenzweig, a businessman in
Opatow, Poland. My father left Poland in 1908. I have some
undocumented information that the family was taken to

Eliyahu Ross
Please reply to: eli@eross.org

  I am looking for any possible relation to Razel Schwartz, Fathers name Shmual last known address was a village in Poland "Mineshk" a small village not far
from Lublin. I can Be reached at   "gottob1@aol.com"

 If anyone can provide any information on the ERDFARB family from Miedzrych, it would be very much appreciated.  The surviving members of the Shoah came to New York City after the war.  A branch moved to Brazil in the 1930's.  Any data would be extremely useful.  E-mail: Earthone@juno.com. Thank you!

I am looking for information on my great grandafather, Adam Pietrzak
from Lomza, Poland. He is not in church records of the time when he was
born -1889. He might be Jewish. I need to find relatives now, in Poland of him or someone who might be able to help me find out why he moved to America, what he did etc. He died in 1925 here , so we have no information.
Ellen Pietrzak-Syracuse, NY
E-mail me please at: ellenita@aol.com  or epietrza@cas.syr.edu

Looking For missing Sister
Full name: Kathryn June Frady
Date of Birth: October 29,1950
Place of Birth: White County Hospital    Sparta, Tennessee
Mother's Name: Hassie Lee Frady

If you have any information Please contact:
R.W. Norwell Crawford
4339 Hydarulic Road
West Carrollton ,OH   45449
(937) 866-5450
e-mail adress: Prayer_Works@juno.com

I am looking for information about my great grandfather's famiy, Mr. (Yizafleib) Joseph Zapolansky and his relatives who were from Eastern Europe (Poland? Russia?). I'm not sure. I'm told he was married in Meretz, Russia, studied music from a University in St. Petersburg, and a composer of liturgical music and a choir leader. We have a letter from Gershon  Cirotta,-1900-Ober Cantor of the Big Synagogue in Vilna acknowledging his work. Does anyone know of this Zapolansky family? If
you do please contact me at Newfy@hgea.org
Thanks for your help. Faye Newfield

I am looking for any information and/or family of:
Benjamin Hersch Lustig b. February 4, 1900 in Limanowa, Poland d. Auschwitz August 25th, 1942 (?)
Father: Jacob Lustig  Mother listed as either Rynka Fink (Limanowa) or Rifke Imhoff. Her father is listed as Abraham also from Limanowa. One brother Nathan immigrated to Israel after WWII.  Number and names of other siblings unknown.
Last address: Pont a Mouson, Rue Debercle 15, Meurthe et Moselle,
France.  Occupation: butcher Date of deportation June, 1942.

Wife: Elisabeth Lea Lustig nee Klinger on either June 7, 1905 or July 7, 1905 in Herscheim, Germany.  d. Auschwitz sometime after June, 1942.  Parents last known address: 25 Leopold Strasse Dortmund Germany.  Father killed before or at beginning of war.  Mother killed in Auschwitz. Brother Herman survived and immigrated to US.  Her maternal grandparents were Moses and Niessel Jeskowicz.

If any one has any information please contact me at painter@net-link.net

I am seeking information about my three uncles: Josef - Jozek Kerzner;
Bumek - Abraham Kerzner and Hersh Kerzner. All three lived with their
families and their father Yitzhak Kerzner in Nadworna, Galicia (Ukraine)
near Stanislawow. My father Benek - Benzion Kerzner left Poland in 1938
and had contact with them until June 1941.
Anyone with information about them, please contact me at:
pollin@his.com  -  Teresa A. Pollin
  I am tracing my grandfathers brother  Tzalik Tyszelman  last known address was 80 Novalypke ylatze in Warsaw around 1917.  He was possibly killed by
the Nazis.  His son Yozef , Maybe was a commander in the Warsaw revolt, and was probably killed too.  His daughter Eva married a Canadian Rabbi last name of Weis or Weiss.

My great-grandfather I believe was a Rabbi in Warsaw, in the mid 1800's. The rest of the family I know about were living in Stara Konstantinov in the Western Ukraine.  My ggrandmothers' name was Dobrisch, she married Kaalman,or Kahalman.  The faternal side there was Eve and Yosef, I believe he was the rabbi.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank You in advance.  Sincerely Sue Tishelman
e-mail     ronsue@net.bluemoon.net

My father, Menachim Manes Sztain, born in 1902 in Wojslowisce, moved to Chelm during WWI, with his family.  He left for the United States in March, 1928, with my mother, Blumah Wiener, who was from Chelm.  He is known as Max Stein, and has resided in New York all these years.  My mother passed away in 1987.  My father has no details about his entire family since 1939 or so.  His father was Ben Zion.  He had a sister Gitel, born approx. 1896, who married Shia Katz; another sister, Brucha born approx. 1898,  married a man with the surname of Lindenbaum; a sister, Ratzah born approx. 1900, who moved to Lublin, and who he believes was in Treblinka; a sister, Sarah, born approx. 1904, unmarried; a brother Laybel, born approx.1907, moved to Lvov and had a wife (Gitterman), and two children; and a brother Shlomo, born July, 1915, who was a student of the Talmud.  There were other nieces and nephews, but my father, who just turned 95 yrs. old, cannot remember
names or who they were.  His mother had three brothers, Kalman, Nachman and Shlomo, and died young.  Her surname was Zuberman.  Any informations would be received with great thanks.  Please contact me, Irene Friedman,
daughter at : iafgmf@gate.net

 Would highly appreciate any information about the family of YOEL FALK and SIMCHA FALK  from the city BIALISTOCK.  Part of the family immigrated to ISRAEL and settled in KIBUTZ MERCHAVIA.

My name is Orna Falk hana-e@internet-zahav.net

 I would like to find information about the following:
Hana & Meir Rosenboim   Rivka & Baruch Zonenberg
Ruben   Leibel   Hertzel   Yaakov  Hana  Inda    Luba
Tova    Alter   Zonenberg    Birman     U.S.A
 Atara      Shmuel    Rivka     Meir
  1913          1916      1931     1934
Atara is still alive.  She is 84, living in Israel.  I am her daughter.
Her brothers Shmuel and Meir were killed on the 2nd world war.  Shmuel was
a soldier.  Rivka and Meir, were killed in the Shoa.  She never met them
since she left home in 1930, with the  "Gordonia: group.

My mother, who is now 84, left Brest Litovsk in 1930, she was in the "Gordonia" movement and in 1932 she came to Israel.  One of her brothers was in the Polish army, and was killed. Her parents, one sister and one brother, were also killed.  From her mother side, they were 2 brothers  and 4 sisters.  All those who stayed  in Poland
- were killed.  One sister and one brother managed to get to the USA, and survived.  We did manage to establish connections with the second generation - meaning my mother's cousins. My mother's father had a "Talmud-Tora"  in Brest Litovsk, and the familywas very known and respected in the town.  In 1950 a book was written about
Brest Litovsk, and he and his father are mentioned there.

Hana Edelstein  hana-e@internet-zahav.net

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